Group at a Glance

DCC Energy   DCC Energy
DCC Energy is the leading oil and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sales, marketing and distribution business in Britain and Ireland and one of the leading oil distribution businesses in Austria and Denmark.
DCC SerCom    DCC SerCom
SerCom Distribution markets and sells IT and entertainment products to the Retail, Reseller and Enterprise markets in Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

SerCom Solutions provides outsourced procurement and supply chain management services in Ireland, Poland, China, Mexico and the USA.
DCC Healthcare   DCC Healthcare
DCC Healthcare provides sales, marketing, distribution and other services to healthcare providers and medical and pharmaceutical brand owners/manufacturers in Britain and Ireland and outsourced product development, manufacturing and packing services to the health and beauty sector in Britain and continental Europe.
DCC Environmental   DCC Environmental
DCC Environmental provides a broad range of waste management and recycling services to the industrial, commercial, construction and public sectors in Britain and Ireland.
DCC Food & Beverage   DCC Food & Beverage
DCC Food & Beverage markets and sells a wide range of owned and agency branded food and beverage products in Ireland, has a wine business in Britain and provides temperature controlled logistics services to the food industry in Ireland.


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