Senior Management
- Group and Divisional

Senior Management


DCC Energy  
Finance Director Conor Murphy
Development Director Clive Fitzharris
DCC SerCom  
Finance & Development Director Kevin Lucey
DCC Healthcare  
Finance & Development Director Ian O’Donovan
DCC Environmental  
Finance & Development Director Thomas Davy
DCC Food & Beverage  
Finance & Development Director Redmond McEvoy

Group Secretary & Head of Enterprise Risk Management Ger Whyte
Managing Director, DCC Corporate Finance Michael Scholefield
Head of Group EHS John Barcroft
Head of Group Tax Yvonne Divilly
Head of Internal Audit Stephen Johnston
Head of Group HR Ann Keenan
Head of Group Accounting Gavin O’Hara
Head of Group IT Peter Quinn
Head of Group Treasury Daphne Tease

- Subsidiary and Joint Venture

DCC Energy      
Oil GB Oils Managing Director Paul Vian
  Emo Oil Managing Director Gerry Wilson
  Great Gas Managing Director Ray O’Sullivan
  DCC Energy NI - Oil Managing Director Pat O’Neill
  DCC Energi Danmark Managing Director Christian Heise
  Energie Direct - Austria Managing Director Hans-Peter Hintermayer
LPG Flogas UK Managing Director Henry Cubbon
  Flogas Ireland Managing Director Richard Martin
Fuel Card Fuel Card Services Chief Operations Officer Ben Jordan

DCC SerCom      
Retail Gem Distribution Managing Director Chris Peacock
  MSE Managing Director Jim Morgan
  Banque Magnetique Directeur Général Claude Dupont
  Comtrade President Stefan Riesser
Reseller Micro Peripherals Managing Director Gerry O’Keeffe
  Sharptext Managing Director John Dunne
  Advent Data Managing Director Raj Advani
Enterprise Altimate Directeur Général Patrice Arzillier
SCM SerCom Solutions Chief Executive Officer Kevin Henry

DCC Healthcare      
Hospital Supplies & Services (and Fannin) Managing Director Andrew O’Connell
  Squadron Medical Managing Director Peter Wyslych
  TPS Healthcare Managing Director Catherine McCallum
  Virtus Managing Director John Leonard
Health & Beauty Solutions (and Thompson & Capper) Managing Director Stephen O’Connor
  EuroCaps Managing Director Adrian Williams
  Laleham Healthcare Managing Director Tim O’Connor

DCC Environmental      
  DCC Environmental Britain and William Tracey Managing Director Michael Tracey
  Wastecycle Managing Director Paul Needham
  Enva Ireland Managing Director Declan Ryan

DCC Food & Beverage      
Healthfood Kelkin Managing Director Frank Fenn
Indulgence Robert Roberts Managing Director Tom Gray
  Bottle Green Managing Director Jon Eagle
Logistics Allied Foods Executive Chairman Mitchel Barry
Other Kylemore Foods Group * Managing Director Brian Hogan


*Joint venture


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