DCC’s strategy is to grow a sustainable, diversified business through concentrating on those activities where it has established, or has the opportunity to establish, leadership positions (i.e. typically number 1 or 2) in its chosen markets. In pursuit of this strategy, DCC will seek to grow:-

through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions which will strengthen existing market positions and carefully extend its geographic footprint;
through the deployment of a devolved management structure aimed at attracting and empowering entrepreneurial leadership teams capable of delivering outstanding performance in each of its businesses;
while maintaining the financial discipline necessary to invest only where it can drive returns well above its cost of capital; and
while retaining a strong balance sheet and a prudent capital structure which will enable DCC to take advantage of attractive commercial opportunities as they arise.



Successful delivery of the strategy will result in:-


the achievement of sustainable, superior returns for DCC’s shareholders;
increased employment opportunities and greater capacity for DCC to provide development opportunities for all its employees;
enhanced levels of customer service to DCC’s commercial, industrial, retail, domestic and public sector customers;
strengthening of the “partnership” nature of our relationships with our local, regional, national and global suppliers; and
increased opportunity for DCC to have a positive impact on the wider communities in which it operates.


Total Shareholder Return. Average no. of employees.


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